C-Remedy® Silicone Scar Therapy


C-Remedy® Silicone Scar Therapy


Silicone scar therapy for C-sections.

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Specifically designed for use following a C-section, the C-Remedy® reduces redness and relieves the itching and discomfort associated with your postoperative wound. Proper use of the C-Remedy® will soften, flatten and dramatically improve the appearance of your scar.

Silicone scar therapy is clinically proven in the prevention, improvement and reduction of scarring. The silicone provides a protective barrier which occludes and hydrates the skin, encouraging the skin’s natural healing properties.

The soft adhesive-free silicone lining allows the C-Remedy® to gently adhere to the skin, preventing the use of irritating adhesives or additional taping and renews with washing for use over and over again.

Includes a 1.58 FL OZ bottle of LilyWash®, designed to gently cleanse your C-Remedy® while renewing the tacky lining.

“C-Remedy helped reduce the irritability and overall look of my recent c-section scar. Most importantly it helped prevent a keyloid scar from forming, which was a big concern for me when I found out a C-Section was necessary. Overall great product, would definately recommend to any other fellow Cesarian moms. I have enough things to worry about with being a new mom recovering from surgery, and thanks to C-Remedy my scar is not one of them, Thanks SimplyLily!!”