Taking care of your LilyPadz® is easy!

Apply – 3 Easy Steps

  1. Turn your LilyPadz® tacky side bowed out toward the skin.
  2. With a finger in the center, firmly depress your nipple.
  3. With your nipple flattened, smooth the edges of the LilyPadz® down over the skin, making sure to smooth out any air pockets from forming underneath.

Caring For Your LilyPadz®

To maintain the tackiness of your LilyPadz®, we recommend washing daily with our specially formulated LilyWash®. Always rinse well after a cleaning and allow your LilyPadz® to air dry.  View instructions here.

Selecting Your LilyPadz® Size

Regular LilyPadz = A through D cup size
Large LilyPadz = DD cup or larger

Storing Your LilyPadz®

When not in use, store your LilyPadz® on the plastic domes provided in the packaging. LilyTip: While feeding, simply place the removed pad toward the cleavage area of the non-feeding breast.

Beyond Nursing Pads

LilyPadz® provide moms with benefits that traditional pads can’t. With LilyPadz® you can go swimming and go braless. LilyTip: LilyPadz can be worn overnight without a bra, a sleep luxury for any nursing mother!

You have a question? We have an answer!

Are LilyPadz® safe?

Yes. LilyPadz® are made of 100% medical grade, gas permeable silicone, a material that shows no allergic reactions and is skin tested.

Will LilyPadz® cause
mastitis or thrush?

A study has shown LilyPadz® users have decreased risk of common breastfeeding complications such as mastitis, thrush, nipple injury, and duct clogging compared to the use of traditional cotton pads. You can find a copy of the study HERE.

Can LilyPadz® be used
with lanolin?

Yes. However because LilyPadz® help maintain proper moisture balance in the breast tissue, most moms using LilyPadz® find less of a need for lanolin. LilyTip: Because lanolin is oily by nature it may interfere with LilyPadz® ability to adhere to you, so we recommend applying only to the nipple and areola (leaving the edges to still adhere) and wearing them with good support to avoid slippage.

How long will LilyPadz® last?

If properly cared for and used as directed LilyPadz® have a life expectancy of up to 2 months. Please contact us directly at 1.800.640.LILY or feedback@lilypadz.com, if you need assistance caring for your LilyPadz®.

Will LilyPadz® affect my milk supply?

No. LilyPadz® do not adversely affect milk supply. As long as you are feeding or expressing you milk regularly, your supply will adjust based on the demand established by you and your child.