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Don’t fight the leak… Prevent it.

LilyPadz® are the only non-absorbent nursing pad on the market today. Their innovative, patented design provides nursing mothers with the flexibility, breathability, invisibility and “second skin” comfort that no other nursing pad can offer. Made from 100% medical grade silicone, LilyPadz® actually prevent breast milk leakage by providing gentle pressure on the nipple.  Whether you are a breastfeeding mother or just looking for a better alternative to messy, uncomfortable traditional pads, try LilyPadz® today!

Mother invented. Mother approved.

LilyPadz® are the revolutionary nursing pad alternative for nursing mothers, created by a nursing mother. When Tina Bruce began developing LilyPadz® she had a simple objective in mind. Her belief in a better solution for nursing moms who, like her, didn’t want to wear and constantly change messy wet nursing pads. “I started looking for anything that would mimic the seal I got when I used my finger to stop the leaking.” Tina experienced with a variety of materials, but it wasn’t until caulking around a newly installed baby gate one afternoon, she found her solution in silicone. Having a B.A. in chemistry, she knew that silicone had the soft, flexible and breathable properties she was looking for and was a safe and natural material.

After testing the initial design herself, Tina began sharing her LilyPadz® with friends. Once requests from friends of friends began to grow, Tina knew she had developed the solution she was looking for. The first pair of LilyPadz® were manufactured for sale in January 2003. Since then, LilyPadz has sold over 1 million pair all across the globe.